Cause & Effect

The search for the answers to life and its laws,
is rooted in everything, since effects have their cause.
It's as easy as saying when words hit a wall,
they come back at the speaker like a red rubber ball.

You can't hide any garbage, or mess up in this dream...
all your actions are viewed from beyond the mainstream.
The ancients all looked for that place ~ Shangri-La,
and reflected in the knowledge of what is known as Karma.

You can study the ancients for all that's concealed,
or you can look toward intentions to have all be revealed.
It's as simple as saying that your thoughts are alive,
they create actions & reactions unseen to the eyes.

It's difficult understanding that life's a charade,
or that fears create reality ...if you're slightly afraid.
A guru can teach you the path that's unsaid,
these words try to show you that it's inside your head.

The effect of knowledge is about to unfold...
the missing link in this puzzle is not seizing your goals.



The Art of Looking







1998 - 2012 Victor Kahn & Jim Warren. All rights reserved. Library of Congress copyright # TXU 909-102