Life is a Circle

I tried it once and I'll try it again,
I saw what was missing, and I knew it right then.
What's missing is trusting, what's there's incomplete,
since life is a circle, our paths were to meet.

We've tried it together and we tried it alone,
and now it's not happening, guess I'll go it my own.
I'll find it ~ the future, without you or with,
since life is a circle, I create my own myth.

Your life is like the circle, all things are near complete,
you learn the perfect lessons, and create from what you reap.
Life is like the circle, of love and hate and fear,
sometimes happy, sometimes dismal; it's never very clear.

Glimpse the cosmic causes, that make all life come true,
and choose your partners carefully, there's an awful lot to view.
Lust is like the circle, it begins right where it ends,
you start out being lovers, will you end up being friends?

Choice is just the factor, that makes all life renew,
you'll get what you have asked for, since it's destined here for you.
Life is just a circle, and dreams are all too real,
if you think that you're unhappy, then that's how you will feel.

Life becomes a circle, all fears you have come true,
you've got to be so careful, it will happen here to you.
Love completes this circle ~ paradise or wonderland,
it's written in these words for you...

and it only takes a song to understand.





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1998 - 2012 Victor Kahn & Jim Warren. All rights reserved. Library of Congress copyright # TXU 909-102