Close your eyes and go inside, breathe the air and clear your mind.
Changing colors lead the way, not a thought to slip away.
Search the darkness for a light, see the sunshine in the night.
Inside-out is on display, a paradox that hides the way.
A twist-of-fate is there to find ~ create the peace found all inside.

Get beyond your point-of-view, those limitations hinder you.
Anything can be achieved, the mystery behind the scenes.
Déjà vu of long gone times, past ignorance that closed the mind.
The secret path is locked within, it's opposite to where you've been.

Contemplate what life can be, the rhetorical question of reality.
Dreams appear that do come true, your LOVE will bring them all to you.
Manifest and do pursue, it attracts the higher side of you.
Karma that is never known, the oxymoron twilight zone.
A parallel of life in rhyme, the great illusion of all time.

Behold the threefold flower ~ the eye, the heart, the hand...
revealed is all the wisdom that the mind can understand.

Believe, Achieve, Receive.



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©1998-2012 Victor Kahn & Jim Warren. All rights reserved. Library of Congress copyright # TXU 909-102