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Kenny Loggins    ...major rock star, singer, songwriter & old friend
Victor: What a long strange trip its been, eh?
Love your website. Inspirational. But what have you done for us lately? Hah.
I'm just keepin' on, stayin' in the flow. As Don Henley said, "I will not go quietly."
God Bless, my brutha. K

Dave Davies    ...British rock star from "The Kinks"
Victor, Your work is wonderful. I enjoyed your site immensely. Interestingly enough those of us that survived the 60’s must teach and shed the ‘light’ in the fullness of the true Spiritual intention throughout the world that we really failed to do properly all those years ago. Love the poetry and the Jim Warren artwork ...great!  Fantastic Stuff!!!

Joel Rothschild of "Signals"
Tonight I again re-read your words. I so very much feel they need to be in book form to reach more people.... there is no way your work should be anything less than "An International Bestseller”.  The adventure is well written, thought provoking, mind & heart opening and coupled with the Jim Warren art, perfectly powerful.  Brilliant my friend, Brilliant!!!

Dan Millman of "Peaceful Warrior"
Please accept my warm personal wishes. With or without my blurb, I hope and trust that this work will find an enthusiastic audience. My Web Link of the Month:  Aesthetics and Ideas. A visionary artist & writer share some images and ideas about life.

Eckhart Tolle of "The Power of Now"
Simply a very inspirational website!

Pamela Leigh Richards website

"I would personally like to thank Pamela Richards for her long standing support of my words, website and her commitment into the enlightened path of educating the masses to the illusion that is going on in your mind. Free Your Mind, Remove Fear and know You are not alone. You are a magnificent being of pure immense energy, a being of light. Do not waste your mind with trash. Keep it clean. All is good because we make it good. Please take this opportunity to read & view her website (by clicking her logo) that is changing the opinions of awakened minds on what is the real consciousness."

Shadoe Stevens   ...the voice of the "Hollywood Squares"
Chairman / President, Rhythm Radio Corporation

I am spreading the word. It's absolutely inspired and inspiring, psychedelic and visionary.
Thank you for sharing your stunning work. It's brilliant.

RT Stone of "The Journals"
This is wonderful material. Congratulations on your vision!

Maureen Moss & executive producer of the "World Puja Network"
"Amazing" ...and I don't say that lightly. I am the owner and Executive Producer of The World Puja Network now in it's 9th year of broadcasting world wide. What may I do to be of assistance to you. That which you have created deserves all of the assistance possible. Many blessings.

Clark McClelland    ...former Director N.A.S.A. Space Shuttle Fleet
Kennedy Space Center 1958-1992

Your artwork and inner mind of creation is awesome. Thank you for creating it for my mind & eyes to enjoy. Please continue and deliver the beauty to every mind you reach.

Richard Kade  /  Leonardo Digital Reviews
"A scholarly review service published by MIT Press".
We've never met but I've enjoyed more than a few visits to  The idea of posting a digital gallery on the web is far from a novel one. Indeed the paintings and poetry viewed and read on this site remind one of some of the greatest classics that have delighted for ages. The best context for appreciation of the verses and artwork is already provided in the notes about the collaborators, Victor Kahn & Jim Warren. Attention is merited by one part in particular. Unlike the other companion works, many of which evoke memories of Escher's self-referential ambiguities in portraying three-dimensional sights on a two-dimensional plane, this study is most reminiscent of the works of Maxfield Parrish. To be sure, this is primitive compared to what one anticipates will be afforded on the web of a decade or two hence. But so was the pizzicato "raindrop" background effect accompanying clarinet and bassoon solos of the cadenzas in the second movement of Rimsky-Korsakov's "Scheherazade" when compared a century later to works by Alan Hovhanness such as "Fra Angelica."

Alice Best & Dennis Jackson    ...authors of "Together Again"
A friend just sent us your website this morning, and we followed it to the end...loving each moment, word & picture. It is a magnificent site, and we will be sending it to our e-mail list across the country. As I scrolled through your beautiful website, I immediately thought, “This should be a coffee table book!” and I can’t believe some major publisher hasn’t snapped it up yet.

Vanna Bonta of "Flight"
I'm transformed after reading 'The Great Illusion'. The visual and word arts are exquisite and, most important, serve truth. What a delight to find company in perception. I wanted you to know how wonderful it is for me to be so personally affected, and also to think of the liberating effects your work will create for others. Thank you and Jim Warren for your brilliant work

Marelin the Magician of "Merlin's Message"
What a glorious find ... food for the eyes and the soul intertwined.

Dr. Emanuel M. Winocur,  M.D., Ph.D., D.D.
A friend emailed to me your poetry and images. I am no poet nor artist, only an appreciative recipient. I am 74 years young, retiring psychiatrist and psychoanalist. During my formative years and long many years of practice, I learned many things; nothing can compare to the "know"ledge I learned from your work. I really, honestly believe that if any one can learn & practice your advises, guidances and counseling, they need nothing else to study!

Aidan Stiles,    ..."The University of Spirituality"
The Great Illusion is astonishing, beautiful and a profound example of spiritual creativity at its best. The artistry and words stimulate the soul, allure the imagination and simply leave one awe inspired. Embarking upon the journey of the great illusion cracks open windows of awakening that allow the light of spirit to penetrate the corridors of the mind. The experience touches us deeply and helps us to awaken from the illusionary blanket of sleep and conditioned way in which we perceive reality. This is a journey that we can take repeatedly. The more times we take the journey, the wider the windows within us open and the more awakened we become. The great illusion is an example of individual spirituality at its best!

Rhonda Harman, of "The Game of Life"
Today I found my way to your site, and what a blessing and beautiful experience it was. I thank you for your expression of light, love and wisdom, and sharing this to expand the consciousness of humanity.



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