The Gift of Knowledge is the ultimate bequest,
the fruit of life's visions that you need to digest.
The path is here offered that's so hard to find,
an apple of virtue that feeds a pure mind.

When I'm writing creatively ~ energy flows right through me,
now that I'm finished for the whole world to see...
I can't find the words to ask you to look,
to read all my thoughts and maybe make this a book.

To whom do I write to, I know you're out there,
like a needle in the haystack, but I'm just not sure where.
It started in cyberspace ~ the introductions been done,
a journey in consciousness   ...Endings Begun.

The Great Illusion will spread a very strong vibe,
sounds of the silence that awaken a mind.
A secret path that's meant to astound,
visionary art ~ with a message profound.

I've decided to take this thing all underground,
skipping the mainstream ...we should pass it around.
Twisting of fate on sheer word of mouth,
direct with my readers is my choice for this path.



Share the experience of the unfolding ~ opening doors to perception.
The Gift of Knowledge

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