Gone to the Max

A poem about death is a major ordeal,
to expose all that content it was meant to conceal.
It should hint at the story without a fanfare...
but should it show you the answers and strip all the truths bare?

But it's hard to understand death and it's no place to be,
and no one who has been there has come back to tell me.
So you've got to have proof and study the facts,
you've got to have faith or you're 'Gone to the Max'.

Reincarnation is a popular thought,
it gives meaning to something that's rarely been taught.
Death brings the option to do or to be,
images of clear light is all you can see.

Life in this miracle is not like the Earth,
you better know what's important for all that you're worth.
Beyond life is the judgment of all that we fear,
but it doesn't quite happen the way that we hear.

No person or being judges your life,
you do it yourself and decide what is right.
Reincarnate as another to try a new life,
or join the supreme and bask in the light.

Gain freedom from life & freedom from death,
exist for all time without taking a breath...
Or come back as a baby to try it again,
fulfill all of life's karma till you view death again.

But fight for this life ~ there is no other way,
fear of death is the hardest you will question today.

And if you don't trust this and you're not really sold,
you'll come back as another   ...to learn ~ that's the goal.



Prime of Life








1998 - 2012 Victor Kahn & Jim Warren. All rights reserved. Library of Congress copyright # TXU 909-102