Mind over Matter

Is everyone's life really that different,
or is there a thread that connects us all?
The experiences we have seem oddly connected,
you'll understand my friend at the end of the long haul.

You say to yourself  "What a coincidence"
you're asking yourself  "Is this just a clue"
All things that have happened before this moment,
are connected correctly  ...spooky, but true!

To get to a place that you want to be,
set your thoughts on it and then magically...
This place in your mind suddenly appears,
as long as you're not just plain insincere.

It's mind over matter at work in your life,
irony and destiny but hopefully not strife.
Mind over matter is a powerful tool,
use it correctly and follow the rules.

You've got to know where you are trying to go,
you've got to know why or the answer is no.
But all things are possible through mind in this life,
from money & fame to the spiritual life.

Just decide on the things you want as your goal,
use mind over matter and bring shape to the whole.
You'll see life's connections in all that you do,
re-living the future ...it's like déjà vu.

...But you've got to hold on to that feeling inside,
of wanting and striving and direction and pride,
r mind over matter becomes words on a page,
and life in this miracle becomes lines on the stage.



The Tiger Within








©1998 - 2012 Victor Kahn & Jim Warren. All rights reserved. Library of Congress copyright # TXU 909-102