In with the New & Out with the Old

A haunting feeling knocks at the door,
if only to scare you and make you unsure.
In with the new & out with the old,
a meaningful story about to unfold

A series of opposites at a moment in time,
a glimpse of reality as it starts to unwind.
Caught in the emotion of fear in your heart,
controlling the feelings from the end to the start.

Been there before and it certainly gets old,
a place we all frequent ...a story untold.
In toward the new and beyond your threshold,
fire turned to ashes, your life put on hold.

Learn how to touch the secret inside,
as you travel through time with no thoughts in your mind.
Examine those feelings from stress & hard times,
and find new directions in the back of your mind.

...Or to constantly repeat life with the same dues to pay,
is like waking each morning on that same Groundhog Day!
So remember the future ~ now there's an odd twist,
see through illusion ...just make one wish.

Feast on the intellect, accept not demand.
a striking resemblance to new lines in your hand.
It can't be so bad to accept change and grow,
karma's the lesson... you reap what you sow.

You move to new places, designed from inside,
and it all flows from visions that began in your mind.

Look in towards the mirror ...focus & behold,
see beyond illusion while removing the blindfold.



Life is a Circle







1998 - 2012 Victor Kahn & Jim Warren. All rights reserved. Library of Congress copyright # TXU 909-102