Success and the Mountain

Itís about dreams & directions as you start to unfold,
creative & thrilling, an elusive Pot of Gold.
Searching for acceptance on a road that's aimed toward fame,
Is it really an enigma... or the nature of that game?

Heard it before and it sounds mighty smug,
success and the mountain, is a most popular drug.

Donít quit your day job is the first rule of thumb,
delusions-of-grandeur, or cruise until youíre numb.
Something that happens on that mountain all the time,
it's about fame and its paradox, playing tricks right in your mind.

Youíre thinking you want it, the approvals from all,
but itís surely an illusion of a place thatís very small.
Life craves accomplishment, it gives a mighty tug,
success and the mountain is the most powerful drug.

From the few who have been there and found it too real,
to the hordes who still strive it, see all that it conceals.
A series of opposites, secure a strong foothold...
a collection of ego trips, bringing vain up to a goal.

The hardest reflection at the top there after all,
is watching it slip away, the beginning of the fall.
Pleasures of the flesh, fit the human body snug,
success and the mountain, is the worldís oldest drug.

Look in toward the inside, finding comfort in the mind,
seeking hidden meaning, all illusion left behind.
Success and the Mountain  ...but a vision for the blind.




Empty Shell







©1998 - 2012 Victor Kahn & Jim Warren. All rights reserved. Library of Congress copyright # TXU 909-102