It's all in a Word

Change the significance of life with one word,
its spelling, its meaning, its message unheard.
Wake up the vision ~ come push or get shoved,
open your mind with the power of love.

A positive reflection of your life it will show,
the opposite meaning to the word known as NO.
That two letter word which closes all doors,
shows clearly affliction ...and causes much more.

The inevitable direction for lost in the crowd,
since that word brings on karma when spoken out loud.
The impending destruction of a place to outgrow,
change results of the negative ~ with the wisdom of KNOW.

Seeing is believing ~ blind as you are,
if you don't see for yourself, you won't get very far.
You're on your own now ...there's no turning back,
knowledge is primary ~ that is the knack.

A complete transformation that all undergo,
live in the magic ...and the comfort of know.

So wise a concept when finally thought out,
the results of your efforts is what itís about.

Life is as subtle as the words you have heard,
substitute know for no's all in that word!


The Mystery of Life






©1998 - 2012 Victor Kahn & Jim Warren. All rights reserved. Library of Congress copyright # TXU 909-102